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Welcome to the application page for ACM faculty development projects!
Below are current ACM projects with active proposal solicitations.

Final Project Report for Completed FaCE Projects

This portal serves as the mechanism to submit project information after the completion of the grant period. ACM staff will use the content you provide to update project descriptions on the ACM website at Projects Funded by FaCE - Associated Colleges of the Midwest (

In particular, please share information about the following aspects of your project as informed by your successful completion of the grant:

  • Major activities, including conference/workshop agenda, proceedings, etc.
  • Dissemination strategies
  • Resources and curricular materials
  • Significant outcomes and results

Please submit your information within one month of the end of the grant term and upload an itemized budget report signed by an authorized official within your college's finance office.

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For more information about FaCE, please visit our website at:

Faculty Fellows Authorized Search Report 2021-22

Deadline October 14, 2022

Please use this form if your college was authorized for a tenure-track Faculty Fellow search during the 2020-2021 Academic Year, whether or not it yielded a final candidate whom you designated as a Faculty Fellow.

If you hired candidates eligible for the Faculty Fellowship in more than one department, please fill out this form for each final candidate. 

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For additional questions, please contact Brian Williams, Vice President of Faculty Development and Grant Programs at 312.561.5922 or