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Below are current ACM projects with active proposal solicitations.

Face Fall 2020 Pre-Proposals

Deadline September 30, 2020

IMPORTANT UPDATE - March 13, 2020

In response to COVID-19 and the focus that faculty on many ACM campuses currently have on transitioning to online pedagogies and other related concerns, the spring 2020 funding cycle has been postponed and will be renewed in early fall 2020. A due date for pre-proposal submission at that time has not yet been set. You can assume, however, that it will be in late September or early October.

Those who are currently working on a pre-proposal submission may continue to do so through the project portal at That link will remain live through the end of the spring semester/term and through the summer months. The prompts and other instructions as outlined below have not changed.


This Call for Pre-Proposals invites ideas for joint research projects, teaching and learning collaborations, collaboratively organized events, reading groups, and other cooperative initiatives that:

  • Engage faculty either from multiple institutions or from different departments within a single institution;
  • Identify and implement innovations that have the potential to address current challenges or opportunities faced by liberal arts colleges and their faculty; and
  • Show plans to become sustainable on the campuses involved and demonstrate the potential to be replicable on other campuses through effective dissemination strategies.

Each year, FaCE gives special emphasis and preference to a particular theme. This year, that theme is Supporting Teaching and Learning Through Experiential Learning. Although projects that propose collaborative initiatives related to that theme will receive preference in this funding cycle, collaborative projects that otherwise address the criteria above will also be considered.

Selected Pre-Proposals will be invited to submit Full Proposals, which will be due on a date yet to be set in November 2020.

Submit FaCE Pre Proposal

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Final Project Report for Completed FaCE Projects

This portal serves as the mechanism to submit project information after the completion of the grant period. ACM staff will use the content you provide to update project descriptions on the ACM website at

In particular, please share information about the following aspects of your project as informed by your successful completion of the grant:

  • Major activities, including conference/workshop agenda, proceedings, etc.
  • Dissemination strategies
  • Resources and curricular materials
  • Significant outcomes and results

Please submit your information within one month of the end of the grant term and upload an itemized budget report signed by an authorized official within your college's finance office.

Submit Final Report

For more information about FaCE, please visit our website at: