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Below are current ACM projects with active proposal solicitations.

Final Project Report for Completed FaCE Projects

Deadline May 12, 2023

This portal serves as the mechanism to update project information through the duration of the grant period. ACM staff will use the content you provide to update project descriptions on the ACM website at

In particular, please share information about the following aspects of your project as the activities and results occur over time:

  • Major activities, including conference/workshop agenda, proceedings, etc.
  • Dissemination strategies
  • Resources and curricular materials
  • Significant outcomes and results

Within one month of the end of the grant term, please upload a final report as a searchable PDF and an itemized budget report signed by an authorized official within your college's finance office. The final report, three to four pages in length, should outline the activities pursued, accomplishments, resources created, and other highlights specific to the project.

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For more information about FaCE, please visit our website at:

FaCE Fall 2017 Pre-Proposals

Deadline October 13, 2017

This Call for Pre-Proposals invites ideas for joint research projects, teaching and learning collaborations, collaboratively organized events, reading groups, and other cooperative initiatives that:

  • Engage faculty either from multiple institutions or from different departments within a single institution;
  • Identify and implement innovations that have the potential to address current challenges or opportunities faced by liberal arts colleges and their faculty; and
  • Show plans to become sustainable on the campuses involved and demonstrate the potential to be replicable on other campuses through effective dissemination strategies.

Each year, FaCE gives special emphasis and preference to a particular theme. This year, that theme is Integrating Off-Campus Study and On-Campus LearningAlthough projects that propose collaborative initiatives related to that theme will receive preference in this funding cycle, collaborative projects that otherwise address the criteria above will also be considered.

Selected Pre-Proposals will be invited to submit Full Proposals, which will be due on October 13, 2017.

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For more information about FaCE, please visit our website at:

Making the Most of Immersion: Engaging Faculty to Maximize the Impact of Off-Campus Experiential Learning

Deadline December 01, 2017

Application Information

We are looking for applicants who have: 

  • a commitment to designing and implementing a substantial immersive learning experience for an existing or new course or program;
  • interest in engaging with a learning community over the course of the project;
  • a commitment to assessment, both of project design and student learning outcomes;
  • interest in disseminating lessons from the project on the home campus, including willingness to mentor faculty interested in incorporating immersive learning experiences into their teaching; and
  • a range of backgrounds with respect to academic area and experience with immersive learning.

Individuals interested in participating are asked to complete the form below prior to December 1, 2017. Please direct questions about the workshops or application process to the conference organizers:

Ken Abrams, Carleton College, Psychology,

Elizabeth Brewer, Beloit College, Int’l Education,

Dana Gross, St. Olaf College, Psychology,

Mary Titus, St. Olaf College, English,

Debby Walser-Kuntz, Carleton College, Biology,

Carol Wickersham, Beloit College, Sociology,

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